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Another CAS guide made by my school!

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This is made by my school but is very useful 🙂

Click here for file !

CAS guide!

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Here is everything you need for CAS!

Click here for the file!

For a TOK project we were in groups supposed to create something which meant art to us. I was in a group with 2 other girls. We decided to use media and art together in our project, we discussed the fact that art can suck in people into believing certain things are attractive or right. The subject we concentration was smoking; we believe that smoking can be advertised in art to show young people that it is right. We thought about how to present this thought, and came to a conclusion were we take photos of 2 girls, 1 confused whether she should be cool or not and by cool in the poster it meant to smoke and by not being cool it meant to be more concentrated on important things such as school. We designed the poster carefully so that people would understand the poster without any descriptive text. We had to have an open-mind to, as their might be smokers who will misinterpret our message and think we are being aggressive towards them. We were clear to show that our poster was clearly about the way art can change a person’s view towards factors in life. We were very reflective as we had to later on explain our poster in a very short but full of information description. We got great feedback which meant our message was presented as we wanted it to. This activity was something new but fun as we were very creative and learnt to send on a very important message through a picture. If I were to do this again I will make sure to send more important messages through the pictures.


As a part of our psychology lesson about how to maintain stress, our teacher decided to book a yoga class. As it is known that yoga is a stress relieving class that keeps you calm, and relaxes the body. We all went as a class of our own to the yoga school; our instructor was from the US which made it easier to communicate and was also so very interesting as he talked to us about his life and experiences in yoga. The instructor was very clear when it came to showing us how to perform each exercise. I can personally say that it I had a really good time, as the movements looked funny and were entertaining. It was the first time for almost everyone and we made sure to be open-minded about the class and learn as much as we could. It was also great to see that I could perform most of the movements; unfortunately we only had one class so I cannot recall the name of all the movements. What I do know is that they were basic techniques for beginners and that anyone can almost do them. I learnt a lot from this class as I found out I am more flexible then I thought and also that I can do a backwards summersault. I hope to be able to do this class again and recommend it to everyone as you do not need to be a certain age for this activity. What I loved the most about it is that it’s not an activity were you need to push yourself and get hurt to succeed. The whole activity is to relax your body by exercising your muscles and joints in a way that your blood flows better, which is relaxing. After the course we all felt relaxed and unstressed until we remembered we had a Psychology Internal Assessment to write, haha.


One time my English A1 class was asked by another English teacher to be a part of an activity where an IB student and a History class student meet. We accepted this in need of CAS and also a great way to meet new students in our school. We were risk-takers as a part of the activity was to meet them, like a blind date and only talk in English to improve their skills. We didn’t know who we would be paired up with; this gave an exciting but yet a nervous feeling.  However when I was paired up I got to be with 2 girls, which was more fun because it was easier communicating to 2 people not just 1. The girls were very sweet and knew a lot about history, it was fun walking around town with them. They gave me a tour around Lund, and taught me things I never knew before. Like different myths and stories about the old buildings in Lund. The nicest place was the Domkyrkan, they toured me around, and they knew all the details. What fascinated me was the big clock; it was made many years ago and surprisingly did not have much time left on it. What we also did was go to a coffee shop and get to know each other better. I came to know that IB students really don’t have that much time on their hands, like the other students in the school. that IB students were the real risk-takers and even though we have many things to do we always balance out our time so that we finish our tasks. This activity taught me many things about Lund that I can use later on, I hope to be a part of future activities where I can meet people I have never had time to meet before at my school. It increased my open-mindedness as I got to know more things about Lund’s and Sweden’s cultures and history. I was also caring to make sure I never looked bored or uninterested and tried my best to keep the conversation fluent.

One of the most interesting activities I participated in was the IB Gala on December 2009. It was such a success that the IB students organized a second Gala this Christmas. I was also a charity gala, saving money for unfortunate children. This event made us all carers as we showed a lot of respect and empathy towards poor students in other countries. We came to know about their situation last year and continued to help them out again. Although this year the Gala had some changes of course it got better! It was based on the theme of Christmas, the Gala was filled with more interesting things; like a magic show, a Christmas play and dancing. This made us risk-takers as new things were introduced to the Gala; we were not sure whether the audience would enjoy the shows. This year it was not as hard as we knew what to do, as we experienced a Gala last year. Although it still took time to think of new ideas so it will be fun for the people watching.

The way we collected money for the schools this year was through selling tickets to the Gala, selling lottery tickets and selling food which the students made themselves to the audience. A few shops were kind enough to sponsor gifts for the Lottery. We had to be principled here as there was money involved and also found that contained ingredients that might be dangerous to others. We were sure to inform all the people what each type of food contained so nothing serious would happen.

This year I aided by helping in the food area, I was selling the food and making sure the refreshments looked presentable. I was responsible of having enough on the table and not making a mess. I really enjoyed this job as I was communicating with many of the parents and younger students, which on normal days I don’t have the chance to due to the little time and being busy with class. It was exciting to meet new people as they all came from a variety of countries; hence their children are in international programs. What made the Gala what it was the wonderful performances done about Christmas, people sang, had a play and danced. It would be a great idea to continue this Gala every year during December as an IB tradition at our school.



CAS reflection – Crafts

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For a CAS activity I chose crafts for creativity, it was taught by one of my friends in class. I took it to develop my skills in arts and craft, as I enjoy working with my hands. We had our lessons during our breaks the basement of our school, we could work freely and peacefully which was nice. What we mainly did was learn how to braid different patterns and make them into bracelets. We had to learn to be constant with our work as it was not easy to undo our mistakes in the bracelets. We had to concentrate really well when our instructor explained the steps; we practiced a lot on the same strings which ended up having a lot of mistakes. This is one of the harder activities I did in CAS as it needed a lot of time to make a whole bracelet. I learnt that I couldn’t wait to see the results I would always start a new bracelets so I can change the pattern and colors. I then pushed myself to finish the bracelets I started which took some effort and time.

Other than the actual work being tough the classes were very friendly as we all knew each other in the class. We would love showing off our work to each other and increased our communicative skill drastically here. We learnt to be open-min towards the course as even though you did not like some certain pattern you still had to learn it and understand how it would help our bracelet making skills in the future. The activity developed my curiosity as I always was in a hurry to see my bracelet finished. I also became a thinker and tried to invent new ways of braiding the strings into new patterns. However I never succeeded in making a bracelet all on my own with my own patterns, I always need supervision. I can definitely saw I was an inquirer as I always wanted to learn new techniques and buy new strings and different colours to vary the choices. This activity would have been great if we continued it, but sadly enough our friend moved back to her home country and we ended this activity. If I could do this again I would try to be more patient and careful when I am working so I can be more effective when it came to finishing the actual bracelet.



CAS reflection – Gym

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For one of my CAS activities I chose going to the gym at school for Action. It was basically working out in the different equipment in the gym at school. I got a demonstration from one of my classmates on how to work out on each one and what does what. Something we lack in IB is free time and when you get that time you don’t really want to work out in it, so the school gym is perfect for the long breaks. I would go each time I had a long break, I would be with a few others in my class and we would work out together. Time would pass fast as we were enjoying being all together, as we would talk and listening to loud music while working out.


The first few times would be painful as I wasn’t used to working out specific muscles, but as I went more often it got easier and I had less pain afterwards. It was just getting my body used to each machine and making sure I do the exercises right. But I had to be very balanced and make sure I did not work out too much or too little, I tried to exercise the same amount each week. This activity allowed me to test my strengths and abilities; I came to see that it took some effort to work certain muscles, to obtain the result you wanted took time. I still wish I can continue this activity to stay fit and healthy.


CAS reflection – Baking

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All throughout my IB years I have focused on trying to excel my skills in baking. I am not the best cook even though everyone at home is super great at cooking. This made me want to try my hardest in baking different types of desserts such as muffins, kanelbullar, and cakes. I focused on baking on main events like the IB Gala, ISLK disco and such, to help contributing in raising money for different types of events. I have really started to be open-minded towards cooking and even try experimenting with new recipes and ingredients. I even been a risk taker and made up some recipes according to tastes and colours I like, which was a disaster at times but a success at other times.

Sometimes outside of CAS hours I baked for fun, and brought them to class in the mornings as I know many students get more energy and happier in class when they eat. The baking process was complicated as adding the wrong ingredients would ruin the whole cake or cookies. I was very principled here to as I have to be smart of my actions of adding the right things. A funny example of a time I was not concentrated on what I added was when instead of adding sugar into my muffins I put salt, 1 cup of salt to be exact. That was a mistake I am not willing to make again. I think baking made me very knowledgeable, I started to explore into different recipes and read many books about food I have at home.

A recipe I am proud to bake is rainbow muffins, a friend of mine made them once and ever since I have loved to bake them for my friends. They are basically what they are called, muffins with more than 1 colour in it. I think they look pretty when u open them as many colours blend in with each other, muffins you don’t usually see every day. A person who helped me bake was my mother; she has been through professional baking courses and knows all the tips and tricks. She would advise me in what to and not to do while baking. It was fun to bake with her as it wasn’t boring doing it alone. Baking has taught me to be patient and also careful as one mistake can ruin the whole process, this can be also applied in other situations like school work. Especially math, as when you are calculating and you make one mistake during the calculation the result will be wrong.


CAS reflection – IB GALA

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One of the most interesting activities I participated in was the IB Gala on December 2009. It was a Charity Gala saving money up for schools in Morocco and Nepal, which many IB students helped organizing. This event made us all carers as we showed a lot of respect and empathy towards poor students in other countries. We came to know about their situation and decided we HAD to help them out. It was interesting and fun because we included so many activities which I have never experienced in Katedralskolan before. This also made us risk-takers as it was the first time Katedralskolan goes through this type of Gala, we did not know what would happen or if anyone would even show up. It took us a while to think of ideas and to plan out what will be happening throughout the event. We had meetings and practices to prepare for the Gala. Here we were communicators and thinkers as we expressed our ideas and opinions about what to do, as well as working effectively for a successful event. However the Gala was a big success in the end and we decided to repeat it for the next Christmas also.

The way we collected money for the schools was through selling tickets to the Gala and selling food which the students made themselves to the audience. We had to be principled here as there was money involved and also found that contained ingredients that might be dangerous to others. We were sure to inform all the people what each type of food contained so nothing serious would happen.

The most exciting part of the whole Gala for me was the International Catwalk. The Catwalk was made up of many IB students and some teachers dressed up in a specific country or continents national dress. Each country was represented by 2 or more people. I was representing the United Arab Emirates along with another guy from a younger IB class. We both dressed in their national dress and chose a certain type of music to walk through the auditorium. The auditorium was filled with students and parents who waited anxiously for each country representative to walk through the doors in their beautiful clothes. The feeling was great with all eyes on you. The crowd cheered more and more as each pair walked passed them. This Gala was really an eye opener for us and the audience as we began to understand and be open to traditions of other societies and places in the world. I personally loved this event and am glad to know that we will be having a similar one also raising money for the unfortunate next Christmas.